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Summer Cluster
Summer Cluster
wool felt
60" w x 53"l

This sculpture is titled "Summer Cluster" and was created for a group show this past year called "Seamless".

This sculpture is comprised of a little over 800 wool felt balls. The felt pieces have been individually made using traditional wet felting techniques with natural cream color merino wool that I have sourced from a farm in the mid west. The balls range from about 1 inch in diameter to 3 inches in diameter.

The pieces at the bottom of the sculpture have been further felted using dyed merino wool patterns that are inspired by mushroom spore prints that I have made from various fungi. The forms in this series of sculptures are based on clusters of fungi that I found in the forest this past summer.

The felt pieces are strung on irish linen string that have been coated with beeswax. The pieces are further hung from a piece of walnut wood that has been planed down that still has some remaining pieces of bark still attached to it.