Sculpture > Storm Cloud

wool felt wall hanging
Storm Cloud
various wool felt
56" h x 65"w

This wall hanging is made from several different kinds of wool that I have sourced from farms in the US. The shaggy fur wool felt is made from icelandic sheep wool. I have felted the icelandic sheep wool with black welsh mountain sheep wool, merino and corriedale wools.

I have embellished the piece with hundreds of very tiny and very large balls made from a mixture of different wools throughout the surface of the piece. All of the wool is natural and has not been dyed.

Due to it's unusual rectangular shape, this piece of finished felt reminded me of a dark black storm cloud. I attached hundreds of dark felt balls to represent black rain. A perfect representation of the past couple of months.

The bottom of the sculpture has cascading "black rain" that has been strung and knotted using hand spun karakul yarn. The raindrops are made from natural color deep chocolate brown and black wool. Some of the drops are more than 2 inches in diameter.

This is a very immense piece and it has been hung from a natural unfinished piece of walnut wood that I have planed down to soften the edges. It hangs easily from brackets and is very dimensional.