My textile design work can be found at:

I see fiber as a basic common thread throughout the organic world.

This fiber sculptural work centers on the creative act as personal obsession. This work is the beginning of an exploration of the idea of repetition and ritual experienced through the process of making. A prescribed order of assembling, manipulating, and presenting the materials borders on ceremony. Ritual is also found in these works and in this process.

Repetition is used to single-mindedly pursue, refine, and purify an idea. Repetition and obsession is an effort of holding a visual image or idea in the mind for extended periods. The profound techniques in the act of repetition lead us from the repetitions of habit and daily life.

Repetition can be transcendence. Repetition is the capturing and stopping of time.

The physical is made spiritual. I construct forms to represent the sacred in universal archetypes of immortality and regeneration. It represents a desire for wholeness. Through ritual process I hope to manifest the magical to the physical.