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Modern Fiber Lab specializes in all handmade products made from various animal and plant fibers from sustainable sources. I source all of my fiber from shepherds primarily in the United States. Everything here is a direct link to the natural world.

I work primarily with wool fibers and various felt techniques. Felt offers an extraordinary range from two dimensional design to sculptural forms for both interiors and personal ornament.

No other material is as versatile. Felt is utilitarian, decorative, and completely renewable.

The appeal of felt is its connection to the earth and to the living animals that they come from. To touch felt is to feel centuries of historic tradition, to feel an organic thing that lives in harmony with the earth and with the people that nurture it.

Felt is in touch with the past yet remains innovative and is open to reinterpretation.

I am working currently in three different series using wool felt. One, a series, that uses hand wet felting to make throws, rugs, and wall pieces, another series using felted wool roving for vessels and floor covers and also large sculptural pieces.